Bookmark is a new feature of Dualless. It allows you to relaunch your favor site in a new tab and windows will be splitted in the recorded ratio.

For example:
  1. Launch Twitter / Facebook for chatting while browsing other website
  2. Using Google Keep / Remember the Milk / Wonderlist / Trello as task list , then work on another tab.

Watch for latest twitter message while browsing another website


1. Launch the bookmarked site

You can launch the bookmarked site by just press on the split button. Each split button could remember as most 3 links . If there has links associated with the button , it will show in different color. Moving your mouse over the button will show the title of the link. Then you just need to press your left mouse click will launch the site and split on the ratio.

Sometime I use Google Keep as note keeping on searching content. Therefore, I have bookmarked Google Keep and let's it take 30% of screen width.

2. Bookmark your favor site

Step 1. Choose the split ratio and placement

First of all , you need to think about the placement and ratio of split for your favor site. Then move the mouse over the button and press the "Right" mouse click will launch the bookmark editor.

p.s You may move the link from a button to another button by drag and drop

Step 2. Press the "+" button to add the link

 Step 3. Configure the color and other setting

After the step 2, the link is already bookmarked. If you do not like the color chosen by Dualless. You may custom the color and text shown when mouse over.


  1. Great tool.

    Please add a merge option that works in the same way.
    Click merge.
    pick the window to merge with

    Thanks in advance

  2. Not good. Is equal others spliter of screen: The windows only are breaked and you get to see all content using scrollbar. All tools make it...It don't have innovation.
    Ideal: when you split the screen all content of the windows could be seen without the scroll bar. in this case there would have a kind of zoom (-)

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  4. Это есть очено Хорощо!

  5. picked tabs became unpicked after returning to one window mode!

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